Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I am back, been super busy in real life! Anyhow I decided it was time to find some new cute things to wear. I am over seeing the same thing all over Second Life, I want something different!! So I rediscovered Aplestyle! The store design itself leaves something to be desired, however really cute designs! I found a couple of outfits that I just couldn't do without!

The one pictured above is PinkRock. I <3 it!! It does not come with the leggins, I purchased those at Fishy Strawberry, they pair up great with this super punky yet super sexy outfit!

Now for the bad part, the shoes which I will also post can be purchased also. They are adorable yet the menu for skin tone change is hard to tweak. And the outfit itself has no mods so you have to fit your avatar to the prims (not happy). I like to be short and petite and the outfit is designed for a taller avatar.

Skin....REDGRAVE Jennifer (Old Favorite)
Hair....Truth Marianne Chocolate
Fabulous Necklace.....MANDALA Lotus Necklace (Black)
Awesome Bracelet with rings....MANDALA Lotus chain bracelet & hand ring (Black)

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