Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiny Bird

How freakin cute is this?? Tiny Bird was on the list for Fifty Linden Fridays, and although the item offered wasn't for me, they offered this sweet hair called D.A.N.C.E! It is a group gift you buy it, then wear the box and this is what happens! You pop into this cute little pose holding a birds nest and you click on the color egg that you want and it places a folder with that color of hair into your inventory...LOVE IT!

Hair....Tiny Bird group gift

Jeans...shown below Basic Flats black

Fifty Linden Fridays

I didn't see much that I liked today. I did pick up this sassy little dress by Tyranny Designs, Lela in Love. It's a hot lil number! Also on the list today was a barn by Turnip's homes and stuff. I did not grab it because I didn't have anywhere to put it, but definitely worth a look and a steal at only $50 L's!!

New store at Naughty!

OMG!! If you are an old Second Lifer like myself, then you will remember Naughty! The store that started the realistic skin revolution! I remember how excited we all were to see a skin that had realistic features such as realistic hands and elbows! Anyhow we were all sad to see that the updates stopped coming. There is a new store at Naughty Island across from the hair store! It offers super cute jeans, tops and some accessories! You must check it out if you are like me and always looking for jeans that give your cute rump the perfect fit!

Jeans......... [N] ripped straight leg dark-1

Skin.... :Curio: Sundust Elf (Old gift) still one of my favs!

Hair.....::69:: rush2 charcoal

Shirt....!Ohmai Asymmetry Body suit (Old group gift, but I believe they still sell it)

Pictures taken at Tableau very beautiful place with rustic builds and cute shops!

Hair 69

I loved this hair so much that it inspired me to make a new profile pic! It is by ::69:: Model Hair 01 in browns. All you do is put it on and it throws you down into super sexy mode! This is not a stand up pose hair, so unless you want to walk around with this hair sticking straight up in the air..hey I don't judge! But none the less very HOT for pictures or to make your sweetheart melt!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alpestyle Shoes

These are the shoes that go with the outfit below, purchased separately.


So I am back, been super busy in real life! Anyhow I decided it was time to find some new cute things to wear. I am over seeing the same thing all over Second Life, I want something different!! So I rediscovered Aplestyle! The store design itself leaves something to be desired, however really cute designs! I found a couple of outfits that I just couldn't do without!

The one pictured above is PinkRock. I <3 it!! It does not come with the leggins, I purchased those at Fishy Strawberry, they pair up great with this super punky yet super sexy outfit!

Now for the bad part, the shoes which I will also post can be purchased also. They are adorable yet the menu for skin tone change is hard to tweak. And the outfit itself has no mods so you have to fit your avatar to the prims (not happy). I like to be short and petite and the outfit is designed for a taller avatar.

Skin....REDGRAVE Jennifer (Old Favorite)
Hair....Truth Marianne Chocolate
Fabulous Necklace.....MANDALA Lotus Necklace (Black)
Awesome Bracelet with rings....MANDALA Lotus chain bracelet & hand ring (Black)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fifty Linden Fridays

Next up was this so cute little dress that I picked up at Surf Couture (One of my favorites!) It looks absolutely adorable with Exile Miss Southern Belle hair in champagne. The skin is ROCKBERRY Farrah It was a POE gift so I am sure it is no longer there. Even still many fabulous skins there!