Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BIG NO NO in fasion!

Ok, so I came across this GIGANTIC amazon looking woman, and honestly it frightened me!! My head just cleared her hips!! Anyway to the point, these jeans are a monstrosity!! I mean ewww!! Ok, well they might make good picture pants, but as big as this woman was it looks like she could not fit them over her booty! Not cute, and it doesn't look sexy. It just looks cheap!

Build an avatar pt. 4

The finished product!!! This hot lil dress comes from TGIS http://slurl.com/secondlife/Yosemite/47/33/41 and the shoes are from Maitrea...group gift.

So there you have it! Free avatar that doesn't look like it was free! New people in Second Life just need to visit regular stores and look for group gifts and free things laying around. You do not need to subject yourself to those fashion nightmares located in freebie newbie lands...*shivers thinking about all the cheap old ruffle skirts*

Building a Free avatar pt. 3

So with a free gift pack from Alady, she is looking cuter! Head to Alady and look for a gift pack that contains everything from a face light to lashes! It even has some free eyes from Pulse that are very pretty!

Now the shape, I make all of my shapes. I don't see a reason to buy shapes when they are so easy to make! But her AO with this serious cute ground sit pose comes from [ImpEle]. Yup it's free too!! Now let's head into pt. 4.....CLOTHES!! YEAH!!!

Building an avatar pt.2

Ok, so hair and skin were first. I found this skin at SINdecade. It was a free group gift, just join the group and look in notices! The hair was free at Truth, they have a few cute ones to choose from.

Now notice that the skin doesn't look so great. That is because I need a face light, and shape. So let's move on to pt. 3!

Build a new avatar for free!

So I am doing a little experiment to show how easy it is to build a new avatar and not spend even 1L to do it! Meet Real Soup! She is my test dummy to show how simple this is, and to help new comers in Second Life not look so newbish!

As you can see Second Life isn't very friendly with their choices in beginner avatars. I have to admit they have come a long way from when I started playing Second Life. I am going to do a step by step to show you how to make a gorgeous avatar in one day!

Monday, November 2, 2009


So Halloween is over, and it's back to finding more great deals without the spook! I visited this little shop awhile back, and today while hunting for yet again more skins I remembered it. It's called cybernetic and OMG they have great skins for only $1L!!! All of them!!! Not to mention they have cute little outfits! I picked up this little top while I was there. !CYBERNETIC is a MUST SEE!!

Pants....Fishy Strawberry
Hair....Novocaine Sildete V2