Friday, October 30, 2009


So Halloween is just a day away! Be sure to grab these fantabulous finds at DNCY!! This skin is amazing! I love it's cutesy girlish appeal with freckles and light make up. Best of all, it's totally free!! And so is this cute pumpkin like outfit!

Hair....Curio...Love it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Look at this! Hard to miss eh? This is one HOT dress! And it's FREE!! DeeTaleZ in light of Halloween has placed pumpkins to find in each store (orange for females and green for males). Lots of awesome finds in or not, this store has it all!

Shoes....Dominion Ankle Wrap Sandals...freebie in the Dominion Fashion District!!

Hair.....Yuno by Junwave


I was shopping yesterday, and as I always am I was looking for different skins. I came across this little shop called 5th&Oxford. WOW! This little shop has AMAZING skin designs by a real life make up artist! My pockets are a little empty this week, so I was not able to pick one up to show. However joining the group, I logged in this morning and was sent this super cute pumpkin colored lingerie set! Another must have, and MUST see those skins!!

Skin....Freebie (Group Gift...$1L to join) Free Speerit

Hair....Delila by Junwave Freebies!

So this is my first post, and I am so excited!! I had to put on my shopping shoes and scout out the newest fashionable freebies out there! These cute little tees are at! And better yet, they are FREE!! Just look for the little orange gift boxes, there are 5 all together. Must haves for Halloween!!

These pictures were taken at The Great Pumpkin Patch.