Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Body Sheek has Opened!

Finally I have opened 3 shops! I am very excited to debut my shapes!! Just look for SamanthaDunn Braveheart in world and find them in the pics page of my profile.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Body Sheek

I am so excited to inform everyone that very soon I will be opening a shape shop! Ever since I started Second Life in 2005 I have always made my own shapes. People have ask me "where did you get your shape?" I never thought it was a big deal! Well now I have decided to sell my shapes! Nothing would make me happier than to spread even more beauty in Second Life! I hope to have the store ready December 25th 2009! I will keep everyone posted on here, so keep checking back! Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone the Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of New Years! I made this cute little card with Picnik. It is a fun little photo editor that is free and easy to use!

The outfit came from {paper.doll} There are presents all over to find, just $12L each!

The hair is a Christmas gift from !!Calico Ingmann Creations!!

The cute cute slippers are from !Rebel Hope Designs, as is the cute little corsage. Both gifts!

And the skin is AtomicBambi....$1L avitar exclusive!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Skin Flicks

I decided that I wanted something black to wear with my new fabulous shoes from ANEXX! So I remembered a store that has seriously cute outfits that are classy, Skin Flicks. They have many adorable outfits in soft colors for the more classy women in Second Life. Now I usually sport funky fashion, but today I felt like I wanted to be more subtle....still wearing my tattoos though!


I found a skin with DIMPLES!!!!! I love this skin!! I have never seen a skin that had dimples before, and now I have one!! Sorry, excuse my excitement but I have dimples in real life so as you can see I was very happy for my doll to have them too! Anyway this beautiful skin is from Curio and right now is a group gift! Just join Gala & Rita Design Announcements and check notices!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Gorgeous skin that I forgot to mention earlier! This skin is from {paper.doll} and I absolutely <3 it!! The make up has a Christmas hue, and is just beautiful! The cleavage is AWESOME! You have to check these skins out ladies! It is called Sophie winter special!

a piece of candy

This skin is from a piece of candy. It was a group gift, and I <3 it! The outfit including necklace is from Zenith, and the hair is from *Shop Seu* very cute hair at very low prices!

Atomic Bambi

All I can say is WOW! At first glance I didn't think it was all that great, but I thought for one whole linden what do I have to lose? I unboxed it and wow! A whole avitar emerges and full of gorgeousness! Everything you see is included, and yes hair too! Gorgeous Christmas skin and dress, with jewelery too! It even came with eyelashes that are very appealing! It also came with a shape, but I never wear anothers shape so the skin may look different here than it would on the shape given with it. All in all you must stop in to AtomicBambi and pick this up!

5th & Oxford

Ok so this one is late, but I still wanted to show of this designer! 5th & Oxford is a new favorite of mine! This outfit was a fifty linden friday find. It's cute and sassy and I love the color! This store has beautifully colored skins and clothing too. You must stop and check it out if you have not yet!

The jewelery was from the Down the Chimney hunt : *Ticky Tacky* Boho Hobo Jewelery set, so cute!

The hair is from lelutka.

Mischief Fashions

I was so excited to see Mischief on this hunt!! I shopped there long ago on my main avatar back in the day when I was new in 2005. This designer has some of Second Life's sexiest, yet still classy designs! Her clothes are cute and youthful with lot's of color and originality. I had not seen her store for awhile and thought she was another great designer of the past. But I am glad I was wrong! This beautiful sweater and tights outfit is included in the Down the Chimney hunt, and a MUST HAVE! The set up behind me is also in the hunt, including the skybox I am in!

The boots were a gift from CoCo, so cute and a perfect match for this outfit!

The skin is also is a group gift from {paper.doll}.....<3 it!

Zenith Fashions

While on the Down the Chimney Hunt, one of the stops was Zenith. While looking for the hunt book I noticed a lot of cute outfits! This was one I had to pick up! This shirt can be found at Zenith it is called Diamond Top (Black). I paired it up with my CoCo pinstripe pants, and I <3 it! The cane and pose came from the hunt also *chanimations : Moulin Rouge. The skin is from !Cybernetic and was only $1L!! The hair is from Truth, which they have a new store across from the old one with many fabulous new styles!

Down the Chimney Hunt

So much to blog about! I have been sick with a stupid abscessed tooth so a lot to catch up on! Let me start with the awesome Down the Chimney Hunt! I had so much fun with this hunt, and it goes on until December 20th so hurry! Everything in this picture besides hair and tats I found on this hunt...yes window seat too! The hunt begins at Kunstkammer Architectural and Metaphysical Salvage. Lot's of cute items to be found!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cute & FREE!

I was running around trying to find cute jeans and I ran across Emery. I suddenly remembered that I met this fabulous designer some time ago. The last time I visited her shop it was a small little place, but her designs were definitely different from the rest, and cute! Now she has come along way! As she should have! I love her stuff it is 80's meets today's fashion and does not disappoint! Anyhow I will be visiting there more often now that I have returned to Second Life, and stumbled upon her amazing creations again! And yes these too cute dresses are FREE!! Grab them while you can and be sure to check out her other awesome designs!

Sexy WIB!

Who says it can only be MIB?? Women can look just as sexy fighting off aliens! Or just to wear on a day you want that more professional look. I picked this jacket up at ARGRACE. It comes with everything you see from shoulders to waist, yes even the belt! The hair is totally cute with fedora hat, also comes from ARGRACE. The pants are from COCO, I love them!

Letting go at the attempt to make a smexy man for free!

Ok so yeah I gave up! It is true that men do have it harder than women in Second Life. Even though there is quite a lot of sexy men fashion, it is no where near as abundant as female. Especially in the freebie market. Almost damn near impossible!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making a smexy man pt. 2

So I got this skin at FLIRT! It was a group gift, and very smexy! Need hair!!! This is harder than I thought. I can not find much of anything...but the hunt goes on!

Do men really have it harder in Second Life?

So today I have decided to try and see if guys really do get back burner-ed when it comes to shopping for "good" freebies in Second Life. I have a feeling that this blog may take awhile. I have to admit that when shopping for freebies for myself I hardly notice male items up for grabs. In saying that, meet Deakin Blackheart (a forgotten avatar that my husband made). I am going to do the best that I can to make him a smexy man without spending a dime!